The Politics of COVID-19, Final (?) Edition

The most important contributions on the political, economic, and social effects of the unfolding crisis.

This double-edition of the Politics of Covid-19 is our 50th. Our archive now stands at more than 13,300 items (800 of them posted just in this edition). As life is slowly returning to normal - at least in some parts of the world - we’ll be putting this newsletter on (hopefully permanent) hiatus. In the meantime, you can always subscribe to our main weekly syllabi, which still feature plenty of articles, videos, and podcasts related to Covid-19.

We would also like to thank volunteers who have helped us along the way: Joanna Pope, Jem Sandhu, Martin Glick, Maria Gargana, and Melvin Yolip.

As usual, some of the best articles in this edition follow below.

~The Syllabus

Crisis, COVID-19, and Democracy
Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò | Blog of the APA

Universities, finance capital and the impact of Covid-19
Stephen Connelly | Discover Society

How Systemic Racism Works During a Pandemic: COVID-19 [Video]
Tricia Rose | Brown University

The Secret, Absurd World of Coronavirus Mask Traders and Middlemen Trying To Get Rich Off Government Money
J. David McSwane | ProPublica

From Pandemic Facts to Pandemic Policies
Jonathan Fuller | Boston Review

Should images of coronavirus victims be sanitised?
Patrick Gathara | Al Jazeera

The Pandemic and Us: Enemy, Resistance, Desire
Michele Tedeschini | Critical Legal Thinking

Toward A Better Eternity: COVID-19 and The Recovery of Time
Ahmed Elbenni | Los Angeles Review of Books

Doubling down on austerity: Framing and coronavirus response
Amanda D. Clark, Ashley E. Nickels | Administrative Theory & Praxis

Technology and Surveillance in Times of Crisis, and Beyond: Lessons from Mobile Tracking Technology During the Covid-19 Outbreak
Andrew Urbaczewski, Young-Jin Lee | University of Denver

COVID-19 and Agricology: Echoes of Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Africa
Ronald Elly Wanda | African Arguments

Defending Land and Water from Mining Profiteers in the Time of Covid-19
Jen Moore | Inequality

The Corona Class Wars: A Pandemic Fueled by Inequality
Jörg Schindler et al. | Der Spiegel

Managing uncertainty at their own expense: Brazilian Uber drivers facing the Covid-19 pandemic
Ana Guerra | Platform Labor

How Colonialism and Austerity Are Shaping Africa’s Response to the Coronavirus
Simukai Chigudu | Jacobin

Pandemic safety nets and the new economic imagination [Video]
Sanford F. Schram, Kaaryn Gustafson, Eve Vincent, Thomas Gokey | Verso Books

Il coronavirus accelererà o ritarderà la transizione energetica? [Italian]
Marianna Usuelli | The Submarine

Morbus coronaviri anno 2019: covid-19, tardocapitalismo y la muerte [Spanish]
Àngel Ferrero | El Salto

Eva Illouz : «Le télétravail est un mode de fonctionnement qui s’oppose à l’activité politique et sociale» [French]
Simon Blin | Libération

Coronavirus a bordo... La odisea del Zaandam, crucero maldito. [Spanish]
Ignacio Ramonet | Le Monde diplomatique

Grandi città e crollo del turismo: ce la faranno a ripensarsi? [Italian]
Il Becco

« Dans sa réponse au coronavirus, notre exécutif survalorise la surveillance et la punition » [French]
Sebastian Roché | Le Monde

La biopolitica della morte [Italian]
Massimo Riva | Antinomie

Histórias e direitos humanos: pensando a partir da pandemia [Portuguese]
Renata Nagamine | Le Monde Diplomatique Brasil

Não se enfrenta a pandemia com leituras simplificadas do território [Portuguese]
Raquel Rolnik | A Cidade É Nossa