The Politics of COVID-19, Readings #2

The most important contributions on the political, economic, and social effects of the unfolding crisis.

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Europe's Populists Will Try to Exploit Coronavirus. We Can Stop Them
Catherine Fieschi | The Guardian

Coronavirus Will Revive an All-Powerful State
Pankaj Mishra | Bloomberg

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The Gig Economy Is a Public Health Risk
Edward O. Jr, Jason Koebler | VICE

Amazon’s Warehouse Workers Sound Alarms about Coronavirus Spread
Jay Greene, Elizabeth Dwoskin | The Washington Post

As Silicon Valley Shelters in Place, Some Tech Workers Are Left in Limbo
Lauren Heplerand, Levi Sumagaysay | Protocol

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Philosophie in Zeiten von COVID-19 [German]
Gottfried Schweiger | Heise - Telepolis

Cronaca Della Psicodeflazione [Italian]
Franco “Bifo” Berardi | Not

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Ten Thoughts on the Power of Pandemics
Andrew Nikiforuk | The Tyee

It Didn’t Seem Possible for Universal Credit to Be Any Worse for People’s Mental Health – until Now
Dahaba A. Hussen | Independent

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“Neoliberalism Has Led to a Public Health Emergency” – Interview with an Italian Socialist
Robert Belano | Left Voice

Las Consecuencias Del Neoliberalismo en la Pandemia Actual [Spanish]
Vicenç Navarro | Público

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How Can Tech Fight Coronavirus? [Podcast]
Nick Kwek | Download This Show

Social Media Giants Warn of AI Moderation Errors as Coronavirus Empties Offices
Paresh Dave | Reuters

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Global Economy

Coronavirus Shock vs. Global Financial Crisis – the Worse Economic Disaster?
Ashutosh Pandey | DW

Helicopter Money: the Time Is Now
Jordi Galí | VOX EU

Global Economic Effects of Covid-19: in Brief
Martin A. Weiss et al. | Congressional Research Service

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COVID-19: Dealing with Social Distancing [Podcast]
Judy Moskowitz | Scientific American

O Covid-19 Ameaça os Campos de Refugiados [Portuguese]

As COVID-19 Measures Grow, Prison Oversight Falls
Keri Blakinger | The Marshall Project

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Le Covid-19, une Bonne Nouvelle pour les Espèces Sauvages [French]
Perrine Mouterde, Simon Leplâtre | Le Monde

O que O Coronavírus Tem a Ver com as Mudanças Climáticas? [Portuguese]
Jesse Remedios | Instituto Humanitas Unisinos

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How Global Agriculture Grew a Pandemic
Stephanie Bastek | The American Scholar

What Coronavirus Has Taught Us about Inequality
Edna Bonhomme | Al Jazeera

Coronavirus Capitalism – and How to Beat It [Video]
Naomi Klein | The Intercept

La Vendetta Del Welfare [Italian]
Andrea Fumagalli | Global Project

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Mental Health Groups Providing Support, Education in Wake of COVID‐19
Valerie A. Canady | Mental Health Weekly

Clinical Features of Deaths in the Novel Coronavirus Epidemic in China
Char Leung | Reviews in Medical Virology

Investigation of Three Clusters of COVID-19 in Singapore: Implications for Surveillance and Response Measures
Rachael Pung et al. | The Lancet


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