The Politics of COVID-19, Readings #39

The most important contributions on the political, economic, and social effects of the unfolding crisis.


The West has found a new enemy: China replaces Islam
Peter Oborne | Middle East Eye

Cuba’s Unique Model of Medical Internationalism
John Kirk | Socialist Project

Poland and Hungary are withdrawing from the EU
Christophe Hillion | Verfassungsblog

Geopolítica da pandemia: Brasil é um pária internacional, diz especialista em saúde global [Portuguese]
Natalia Viana | Agência Pública

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Universal basic income could improve the nation's mental health
Matthew Smith | The Conversation

Don’t Fight the Last War: Why the Left Needs to Look Beyond Austerity
James Meadway | Novara Media

Philip Mirowski: «L’après ne sera pas favorable à une société de gauche, mais à une accélération des mesures néolibérales» [French]
Nicolas Celnik | Libération

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COVID-19 and the future of ‘techlash’
Chris Meserole | Tech Stream

Coronavirus apps: the risk of slipping into a surveillance state
Patrick McGee | Financial Times

The global data divide
Sven Hilbig | International Politics and Society

How Amazon’s dominance is more visible during a pandemic
Andrew Marino | The Verge

Francesca Bria: “La transición a la sociedad digital no puede basarse en un modelo securitario” [Spanish]
Steven Forti | CTXT

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How will the pandemic change urban life?
Louise Ribet | LSE Covid-19

Behind the science of Covid-19 [Podcast]
Adam Kucharski | The Prospect Interview

La España franquista y la politización de la OMS [Spanish]
David Brydan | El País

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Authoritarians Are Exploiting the Coronavirus. Democracies Must Not Follow Suit.
Jeffrey Smith, Nic Cheeseman | Foreign Policy

Politica del virus e virus della politica: destra e sinistra di fronte alla pandemia [Italian]
Fabrizio Battistelli | MicroMega

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How air pollution exacerbates Covid-19
Isabelle Gerretsen | BBC

Le pangolin pris au piège [French]
Mathieu Quet | La vie des idées

Il coronavirus può scatenare una crisi alimentare mondiale? [Italian]
Andrea Barolini | Valori

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Public Health

Revealed: the inside story of the UK's Covid-19 crisis
David Conn | The Guardian

Pandemic Science Out of Control
Jeanne Lenzer, Shannon Brownlee | ISSUES in Science and Technology

COVID-19 Must Radicalize Doctors -- We Cannot Continue to Work on the Political Periphery
Matthew M. Cappiello | Truthout

How to Develop a COVID-19 Vaccine for All
Mariana Mazzucato, Els Torreele | Project Syndicate

COVID-19 is more than a public health crisis — it’s a political crisis fueled by the ruling class
Bob Hennelly | Salon

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Austerity, Not COVID-19, Strains National Healthcare Systems
Megan Carney, Bayla Ostrach | Somatosphere

The Pandemic Will Reduce Inequality—or Make It Worse
Ben Steverman | Bloomberg Quint

Tech giants are profiting — and getting more powerful — even as the global economy tanks
Elizabeth Dwoskin | The Washington Post

Chronique intempestive: mondialisme ou internationalisme? [French]
Henri Peña-Ruiz | Marianne

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Public Sphere

Iconographies of the Pandemic
Ivan Pintor | CCCB LAB

Two Problems with Democratic Biopolitics (Critique in times of Coronavirus)
Bryan Doniger | Critical Legal Thinking

Theater in der Krise: Es muss kein Drama werden! [German]
Stefan Rosinski | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Demoskopie: Allensbach-Chefin: „Das Misstrauen der Politik gegenüber der Bevölkerung ist bemerkenswert“ [German]
Heinz Niehoff | Handelsblatt

Markus Gabriel zu Covid: «Wir haben eine politische Monokultur» [German]
René Scheu | NZZ

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COVID-19 Could Bring Down the Trading System
Chad P. Bown | Foreign Affairs

Oil, COVID-19 and the global economy
Catherine Davies | New Cold War

Quatre hypothèses sur la situation économique [French]
Frédéric Lordon | Le Monde diplomatique

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Mobile phone data for informing public health actions across the COVID-19 pandemic life cycle
Nuria Oliver et al. | ScienceAdvances

Spread and dynamics of the COVID-19 epidemic in Italy: Effects of emergency containment measures
Marino Gatto et al. | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

COVID-19 and North Africa
George Joffé | The Journal of North African Studies

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Class & Labour

DeVos and the Charter School Movement Use a Pandemic to Advance Their Agendas
Jeff Bryant | Inequality

The Essential Workers America Treats as Disposable
Maeve Higgins | New York Review of Books

The next pandemic: Rising inequality
Charlie Cooper | Politico Europe

Coronavirus y clase social [Spanish]
Fabrizio Bernardi | El Diario

Antonio Casilli: I nuovi conflitti del lavoro digitale nella società virale [Italian]
Roberto Ciccarelli | il manifesto

Trabalhadores de serviços essenciais não merecem só palmas, mas precisam de apoio permanente [Portuguese]
Rosana Pinheiro-Machado | The Intercept

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Social Toll

The gender trap? Being an Italian woman in times of COVID-19
Rachele Marconi | LSE Women, Peace and Security

African Americans are contracting and dying from COVID-19 at higher rates. We know why.
William Munn | North Carolina Justice Center

America Doesn't Work, And Hasn't For A Long Time
Jeremy Gerard | WBUR

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