The Politics of COVID-19, Readings #42

The most important contributions on the political, economic, and social effects of the unfolding crisis.


Ethics of instantaneous contract tracing using mobile phone apps in the control of the COVID-19 pandemic
Michael J Parker | Journal of Medical Ethics

Which Workers Bear the Burden of Social Distancing Policies?
Simon Mongey | NBER

Politics and Science: The Case of China and the Coronavirus
Kerry Brown, Ruby Congjiang Wang | Asian Affairs

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COVID-19 and Deglobalisation [Podcast]
Peter Watkins, Linda Yueh | LSE Podcasts

The pandemic adds momentum to the deglobalisation trend
Douglas Irwin | VOX EU

What will our cities and urban spaces look like after COVID-19? [Podcast]
Melanie Davern | Life Matters

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Money in Politics, COVID-19 and the Future of Democracy [Video]
Julia Cagé | Stigler Center

Das wird teuer – Jetzt kaufen auch Schweizer Konzerne lokal ein [German]
Angelika Gruber, Isabel Strassheim | Berner Zeitung

Alain Deneault : «Il devient impératif de redéfinir le mot "économie"» [French]
Alternative Révolutionnaire Communiste

La monetizzazione del disavanzo nella letteratura macroeconomica recente [Italian]
Fulvio Corsi | Asimmetrie

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Social Toll

COVID-19 and the Color Line
Colin Gordon | Boston Review

The Criminalization of COVID-19 is Happening in New Orleans. We Have Been Here Before.
S. Mandisa Moore-O’Neal | The Body

Navajo Nation is behind only New York and New Jersey in rates of COVID-19 infection. What happened?
Delilah Friedler | Mother Jones

Rassismus im Gesundheitswesen: Das Virus ist nicht egalitär [German]
Matej Snethlage | taz

Ammalarsi di paura. L'«effetto nocebo» dello #stareincasa e della malainformazione sul coronavirus [Italian]
Stefania Consigliere | Wuming Foundation

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Governing through insecurity: what COVID 19 tells us about precarity under (neo)liberalism
Natalie Langford | Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute

Coronavirus has exposed the dangerous failings of NHS marketisation
David McCoy | The Guardian

Ils ne lâcheront rien [French]
Frédéric Lordon | Les blogs du Diplo

Os desafios da pandemia em meio ao desmonte neoliberal no país [Portuguese]
Esther Dweck | Nexo Jornal

A face trágica do capitalismo: guerra e vírus, destino e liberdade [Portuguese]
Lindberg Campos | Blog da Boitempo

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Covid-19: In urban India, the elderly are grappling with hunger and fears of dying alone
Parul Agarwal, | Scroll

Brazil’s President Goes to War With Democratic Institutions — And Hopes the Military Has His Back
Andrew Fishman | The Intercept

Cruel Britannia: Coronavirus lays waste to British exceptionalism
Otto English | Politico Europe

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Public Sphere

Op-ed: Covering science at dangerous speeds
Ivan Oransky | Columbia Journalism Review

We can't let coronavirus kill our cities. Here's how we can save urban life
Jonathan Daly | The Conversation

Hope and Shamelessness
Gal Katz | The Point

Byung-Chul Han et le retour de l’ennemi [French]
Régis Debray | Philosophie Magazine

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Pandemics Change Cities: Municipal Spending and Voter Extremism in Germany, 1918-1933
Kristian S. Blickle | Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Why COVID-19 can—and should—change how our cities are designed
Nia Puliyel | The Caravan

Covid-19 Reignites a Contentious Debate Over Bats and Disease
Katherine J. Wu | Undark

Sepultados bajo la mayor avalancha de estudios científicos [Spanish]
Javier Salas | El País

Jane Goodall: «In Africa rischio di catastrofe per uomini e animali» [Italian]
Stella Levantesi | il manifesto

Inventário da quarentena [Portuguese]
Luciana Genro | Revista Movimento

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3D printing finally found its market, and all it took was a pandemic
Mike Murphy | Protocol

The coronavirus might finally kill off electric scooter startups
Jared Newman | Fast Company

Datenschutz: "Wenn Sie ein Handy haben, sind Sie doch ohnehin schon überwacht" [German]
Thomas Fischermann | Die Zeit

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Class & Labour

Meatpackers are deeply vulnerable to COVID-19. Expect a reckoning for US workers
Paul Apostolidis | LSE Covid-19

The Worker Mini-Revolts of the 21st Century
Jeremy Brecher | Labor Notes

Corona und Gehalt: „Vielen nicht klar, wie wenig sie wirklich verdienen“ [German]
Sabine Menkens | WELT

Desigualdade de contaminação põe pressão em reabertura e coloca pobres em risco, diz estudo [Portuguese]
Thiago Amâncio | Folha de S.Paulo

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Public Health

Japan’s health system exposed as empty hospitals reject Covid-19 patients
Robin Harding | Financial Times

The foot soldiers of Kerala’s Covid-19 battle, 26,000 women who won’t overlook any detail
Vishnu Varma | Indian Express

The coronavirus pandemic is pushing America into a mental health crisis
William Wan | The Washington Post

Se alquila Organización Mundial de la Salud: China, EE. UU. y la politización de la salud [Spanish]
Álvaro Merino | El Orden Mundial

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Will COVID-19 fiscal recovery packages accelerate or retard progress on climate change?
Cameron Hepburn et al. | Oxford Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment

Remote work is a huge opportunity for high-impact climate policy
Matt Butner, Jayni Hein | Quartz

Leben im Anthropozän: Die Pandemie ist kein Überfall von Außerirdischen [German]
Bernd Scherer | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

L’ecofascismo si sta impossessando del dibattito ambientale [Italian]
Viola Serena Stefanello | The Vision

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What is the Impact of Coronavirus on Technocracies? [Podcast]
James Crabtree | Keen On

When Freedom of the Press is Stricken With the Coronavirus
Sanjoy Ghose, Rhishabh Jetley | The Wire

Il “governo della peste”: la retorica dell’unità nazionale e la sparizione della sinistra critica [Italian]
Alessandra Algostino, Tomaso Montanari | la Repubblica

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