The Politics of COVID-19, Readings #44

The most important contributions on the political, economic, and social effects of the unfolding crisis.

Public Sphere

The Covid-19 ‘Infowhelm’
Heather Houser | New York Review of Books

Medieval Europe's waves of plague also required an economic action plan
Kriston R. Rennie | The Conversation

Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi: Pandemic and the Reset of the Global Machine
Andreas Petrossiants | Strelka

Un moment d'exception [French]
Antoine Garapon | Esprit

Storia semiseria della cartografia esattissima delle epidemie, Anno Domini 1690-2020 [Italian]
Filippo Celata | MicroMega

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The Abolition Geographies of COVID-19
Written Madeleine Hamlin | Society and Space

The value of social distancing is not equally distributed
Zachary Barnett-Howell, Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak | VOX EU

Hat die Spanische Grippe Deutschland in den Faschismus geführt? [German]
Florian Rötzer | Heise

La peste noire de 429 à Athènes [French]
Alain Garrigou | Les blogs du Diplo

Principio di precauzione [Italian]
Domenico Marrone | SettimanaNews

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Social Toll

Patterns of pain: what Covid-19 can teach us about how to be human
Susie Orbach | The Guardian

Virus May Make Attitudes to Immigration Healthier
Pankaj Mishra | Bloomberg

Covid-19 just the latest excuse for British racism
Joe Walsh | New Frame

A punição penal na sociedade sem contato [Portuguese]
Emerson Erivan de Araújo Ramos | Le Monde Diplomatique Brasil

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Coronavirus Sweeps Across Brazil, a Land Ill-Equipped to Fight It
Luciana Magalhaes, Christiana Sciaudone | The Wall Street Journal

Crisis and Resistance at the Periphery: Bosnian responses to Covid-19
Marina Veličković | Critical Legal Thinking

Brazil, Corona and the History of Epidemics
Patricia Lorenzoni | Discover Society

Afrique : la catastrophe n’a pas eu lieu [French]
Maria Malagardis | Libération

L’Ecuador neoliberista nella morsa del virus [Italian]
Lorenzo Tecleme | Jacobin Italia

Volta ao mundo [Portuguese]
Arundhati Roy et al. | Revista Piauí

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Intrusive Pandemic-Era Monitoring Is the Same Old Surveillance State, Not a New One
Anirudh Burman | Carnegie India

Datafication and automation in higher education during and after the Covid-19 crisis
Ben Williamson | Code acts in education

Immer eine Frage des Vertrauens [German]
Oliver Stenzel | Kontext Wochenzeitung

A gambiarra e o panóptico [Portuguese]
Ricardo Neder | Outras Palavras

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Local response in health emergencies: key considerations for addressing the COVID-19 pandemic in informal urban settlements
Annie Wilkinson | International Institute for Environment and Development

COVID-19 Crisis Fuels Hostility against Foreigners
Vojtech Bartos et al. | Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Immunology of COVID-19: current state of the science
Nicolas Vabret et al. | Immunity

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Food Banks Can’t Go On Like This
Conor Friedersdorf | The Atlantic

Coronavirus Proves Only Structural Changes Can Avert Climate Apocalypse
Edward Ongweso Jr. | VICE

Highway to Hell – erneute Subventionen für die Autoindustrie [German]
Philipp Köncke, Thomas Sablowski | Zeitschrift LuXemburg

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Public Health

From Brisbane to Puerto Rico: how a $38m Covid-19 test kit deal turned sour
Ben Smee | The Guardian

National Action Plan for Expanding and Adapting the Healthcare System for the Duration of the COVID Pandemic
Eric Toner et al. | Johns Hopkins University

Coronavirus: Das Risiko einer Pandemie war schon lange bekannt [German]
Lukas Mäder | NZZ

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Parts of UK economy 'on life support' since lockdown
Richard Partington | The Guardian

Thomas Piketty’s Plan to Fix the Economy
Robin Kaiser-Schatzlein | The New Republic

U.S. Consumer Debt Payments and Credit Buffers on the Eve of COVID-19
Andrew Haughwout et al. | Liberty Street Economics

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Class & Labour

Longer Working Hours, Employee Productivity and the COVID-19 Economic Slump
Rahul Menon | The Wire

Siervos por Uber: temporeros y Covid-19 en Europa [Spanish]
nan | Estudios de Politica Exterior

Desigualdade de renda e a pandemia do novo coronavírus (COVID-19) [Portuguese]
César Marques, Raphael Villela | EcoDebate

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In the Claws of a Police State
Laurel Flores Fantauzzo | The Baffler

Political Hope Rises
Radhika Desai | Canadian Dimension

Der fürsorgliche Corona-Staat [German]
Felix Dirsch | die Tagespost

Jean-Yves Camus : « La droite radicale aime l’idée des “causes cachées ” » [French]
Lucie Soullier | Le Monde

La notizia è il virus. La cura è il controllo [Italian]
Mariagrazia Costantino | China Files

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Neoliberalism is over – welcome to the era of neo-illiberalism
Reijer Hendrikse | openDemocracy

The Post-Neoliberal World Is Already Here
Felicia Wong | Democracy: A Journal of Ideas

How the Owner of Spain’s Real Madrid Football Club Presided Over a Coronavirus Catastrophe in Nursing Homes
Eoghan Gilmartin | Jacobin

Não se pode patentear o sol [Portuguese]
Danielle Hanna Rached | Folha de S.Paulo

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