The Politics of COVID-19, Readings #49

The most important contributions on the political, economic, and social effects of the unfolding crisis.


Democratic Biopolitics Revisited: A Response to a Critique
Panagiotis Sotiris | Critical Legal Thinking

Out of the Belly of Hell: COVID-19 and the humanisation of globalisation
Anthony Barnett | openDemocracy

COVID-19 and the Politicization of Personal Protective Equipment
Rachel Sadoff | Harvard Political Review

Should China apologise for COVID 19?
John Hobson | Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute

The Incalculable: Thoughts on the Collapse of the Biosecurity Regime
Lydia H. Liu | Critical Inquiry

Il futuro non è un vicolo cieco. Intervista a Franco Gallo [Italian]
Caterina D’Ambrosio | Treccani

Os paradoxos da sociedade do medo [Portuguese]
Francisco Louçã | A Terra é redonda


The Necropolitics of COVID-19: Will the COVID-19 pandemic reshape national healthcare systems?
Hamish Robertson, Joanne Travaglia | LSE Impact of Social Sciences Blog

Fighting For Our Democracy [Video]
Zephyr Teachout | The Nation

Liberty in the Time of Corona
Andrew Sernatinger | Public Seminar

The management of the coronavirus pandemic in Brazil and necropolitics: An essay on an announced tragedy
Daniel Granada | Somatosphere

The Institutional Design of Community Control
K. Sabeel Rahman, Jocelyn Simonson | Law and Political Economy

Contact Tracing Versus Civil Liberties
Thomas Recchio | The American Prospect

COVID-19: Walking the Tightrope of Vaccination Obligations
Lauren Tonti | Verfassungsblog

La venezuelización de Vox durante la pandemia [Spanish]
Guillermo Fernández Vázquez | Revista laU

Chi conta i numeri che contano? [Italian]
Roberta Cordaro | Filosofia in movimento

Il virus ci ha messo faccia a faccia con la morte [Italian]
Chiara Del Corona | Il Becco


COVID Life and the Asset Economy
Lisa Adkins, Martijn Konings | Progress in Political Economy

Boom or Bust: The Impacts of the COVID-19 Crisis on the Gig Economy [Video]
Kerry Brown | Edith Cowan University

Why The Market Fails In A Crisis [Podcast]
Joseph Stiglitz | Pitchfork Economics

The start-up economy is fundamentally broken. The virus will make it worse.
Ryan Cooper | The Week

«Nous voyons clairement les avantages d’une autorité sanitaire bien financée.» Entretien avec l'économiste James Kenneth Galbraith [French]
Jérôme Skalski | L'Humanité

Public Health

America’s Patchwork Pandemic Is Fraying Even Further
Ed Yong | The Atlantic

Why anti-vaxxers are rising again
Jack Gorman, Sara Gorman | OUPblog

PPE: what now for the global supply chain?
Jane Feinmann | BMJ

Tierversuche: Leider kein Impfstoff ohne Leiden [German]
Fabienne Ferrara | Die Zeit

Aborto e maternità sono diventate due parole tabù per le donne europee [Italian]
Ferdinando Cotugno | Linkiesta

Class & Labour

Coronavirus volunteers aren't just a source of free labour – don't take advantage of them
Matt Baillie Smith | The Conversation

Why Covid-19 is changing our perceptions of social class and risk
Verity Aiken | Discover Society

Like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are scrambling to bring back workers from abroad
Annie Banerji et al. | Scroll

Home in a Time of Covid
Ambreena Manji | Review of African Political Economy

Filth: Coronavirus Has Shown That Cleaners Are Essential, but Labelling Them ‘Low-Skilled’ Legitimises Exploitation
Eleanor Penny | Novara Media

Sie nennen es Liebe, wir nennen es systemerhaltende Arbeit [German]
Carina Maier | Arbeit&Wirtschaft Blog

Rahel Jaeggi, le scommesse politiche sul lavoro. [Italian]
Giorgio Fazio | il manifesto

Pandemia expõe e agrava as desigualdades já existentes [Portuguese]
Sérgio Aníbal | Público

Social Toll

A brief history of anti-black violence in China
Winslow Robertson | Africa is a Country

Coronavirus is not fuel for your urbanist fantasies
Alissa Walker | Curbed

In Survival Mode': The Pandemic Is Devastating the Black LGBTQ Community
Nico Lang | VICE

The Nativist Contagion
John Hultgren | Society and Space

LGBTQ people need queer spaces. The coronavirus has locked them out.
Katelyn Burns | Vox

Effetto Covid. Donne sull’orlo della crisi [Italian]
Maria Concetta Tringali | MicroMega

Maternidade, academia e pandemia [Portuguese]
Pricila Loretti, Taísa Sanches | Le Monde Diplomatique Brasil


Illusions of consent and COVID-19-tracking apps
Paul Schwartz | IAPP

Covid-19 and the Cloud
Ben Tarnoff | Progressive International

COVID-19 Isn’t the Only Threat to Privacy
Katie Joseff, Samuel Woolley | Foreign Affairs

Health Officials Say 'No Thanks' to Contact-Tracing Tech
Fred Vogelstein | WIRED

Post-COVID-19 Economy [Podcast]
Joseph Stiglitz | Centre for International Governance Innovation

Zoom-Webkonferenzen: die Befreiung des optisch Unbewussten [German]
Roberto Simanowski | Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Corona: Das sind Deutschlands größte Mythen-Verbreiter [German]
Larissa Holzki | Handelsblatt

Le chemin de croix de l'appli StopCovid [French]
Grégoire Poussielgue et al. | Les Echos

Public Sphere

In the Time of Virtual Cinema
Stuart Klawans | The Nation

A Conversation With U.N. Special Rapporteur David Kaye: COVID-19 and Freedom of Expression
David Kaye | Just Security

Robert Harrison: „Die Krankheit hat fast den Status eines Gerüchts“ [German]
Sarah Pines | Die Welt

Judith Butler: “El utilitarismo está dispuesto a dejarnos morir para que la salud de la economía se mantenga fuerte” [Spanish]
Baltasar Daza | La Tercera

Didier Fassin : « Avec le coronavirus, notre vision du monde s’est rétrécie comme jamais » [French]
Nicolas Truong | Le Monde

Il virus e la decostruzione della specie: dell’invisibile che rende visibile » [Italian]
Ferdinando G. Menga | Il Rasoio di Occam

As lições da pior pandemia da história [Portuguese]
Nuño Domínguez | El País Brasil

Por que feriadão não garante isolamento social [Portuguese]
Raquel Rolnik | A Cidade é Nossa


Doubts about Density: COVID-19 across Cities and Towns
William C. Wheaton | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Redistributive Effects of Pandemics: Evidence on the Spanish Flu
Sergi Basco et al. | CEPR Discussion Paper

‘The economy’ as if people mattered: revisiting critiques of economic growth in a time of crisis
Clive L. Spash | Globalizations

Self(ie)-governance: Technologies of intimate surveillance in India under COVID19
Ayona Datta | Dialogues in Human Geography

From Wuhan to the World: How the Pandemic Will Reshape Geopolitics
François Heisbourg | Survival

From Low-Skilled to Key Workers: The Implications of Emergencies for Immigration Policy
Mariña Fernández-Reino | Oxford Review of Economic Policy

Involvement of the open-source community in combating the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic: a review
John Scott Frazer et al. | Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology

All for one and one for all: Why a pandemic preparedness league of nations?
Sukhen Deya | Health Policy and Technology


Global Insights: “COVID-19: Climate Change and Energy” [Video]
Simon Dalby et al. | Balsillie School of International Affairs

Plunge in carbon emissions from lockdowns will not slow climate change
Alejandra Borunda | National Geographic

Nachhaltige Nicht-Nachhaltigkeit [German]
Ingolfur Blühdorn | Soziopolis

Le surplus de subsistance [French]
Bruno Latour | Esprit

L’ecocidio e il Coronavirus: come il capitalismo rende inevitabili le pandemie [Italian]
Nina DeMeo, Robert Belano | La Voce delle Lotte

‘A pandemia nos lembra que também somos parte da natureza’ [Portuguese]
Mariana Vick | Nexo Jornal


Cashing in on the pandemic: how lawyers are preparing to sue states over COVID-19 response measures

Political Economy and Democratic Capacity to Respond to Pandemics
Rodrigo Ugarte | Items: Insights from the Social Sciences

(Europa) Los patrones buscan el shock [Spanish]
Toni Negri | Revista Ignorantes

Vandana Shiva : « Avec le coronavirus, Bill Gates met en place son agenda sur la santé » [French]
Barnabé Binctin | Basta Mag

Dall’Aids al Covid-19, il virus come sintomo della malattia globale [Italian]
Giusi Palomba | NapoliMONiTOR

Stato e mercato nell'Italia degli anni Venti (del XXI secolo) [Italian]
Marco Bertorello, Danilo Corradi | Jacobin Italia

“O neoliberalismo já não é uma ideologia de consumo, mas de morte”, avalia Claudio Katz [Portuguese]
Claudio Katz | Instituto Humanitas Unisinos

Contra a bárbarie do receituário neoliberal, é preciso reconfigurar o financiamento do Estado [Portuguese]
Marcio Pochmann | Rede Brasil Atual


Covid-19 and the Global South [Podcast]
Vijay Prashad | KPFA

Triple shock in the global south - oil, debt, and Covid-19 [Podcast]
Adam Hanieh | Politics Theory Other

Love (from Afar) in the Time of Covid-19: Diaspora Humanitarianism and Pandemic Response
Bashair Ahmed, Paul Asquith | African Arguments

El Salvador’s Neoliberal Populism Runs Into Coronavirus
Jonah Walters | Jacobin

China in the post-pandemic 2020s
Michael Roberts | Michael Roberts Blog

Corona in Kolumbiens Armenvierteln: Wenn die Bagger kommen [German]
Eric Bonse | Taz

Schweden ohne Lockdown [German]
Mia Pettersson | ARTE

Jacques Rancière : «Le paysage est une métaphore de la coexistence entre les individus» [French]
Catherine Calvet | Libération

Sars-CoV-2, suinocultura intensiva e a agricultura industrializada [Portuguese]
Immo Fiebrig et al. | Le Monde Diplomatique Brasil

Na metade do mandato, López Obrador ainda não conseguiu combater o feminicídio [Portuguese]
Lorena Rios Trevino | Jacobin Brasil


Europe's City Centers Pushed Out Residents for Tourists. Could the Coronavirus Reverse the Trend?
Francesca Berardi | Time

Coronavirus will reshape our cities – we just don't know how yet
Michael Safi | The Guardian

"A lot of it is in our hands": Rebecca Solnit on the transformative potential of every crisis
Delilah Friedler | Mother Jones

Waiting for the Great Leveller
Walter Scheidel | Standpoint

The Pandemic’s 5 Silver Linings
Stephen M. Walt | Foreign Policy

Che cosa ne sarà del Noi/ 4 scenari per il mondo che verrà [Italian]
Fabien Escalona, Romaric Godin | Popoff Quotidiano

Três narrativas para uma nova época histórica [Portuguese]
Antônio Sales Rios Neto | Outras Palavras