The Politics of COVID-19, Readings #45

The most important contributions on the political, economic, and social effects of the unfolding crisis.


How Private Equity Firms Will Profit From COVID-19
Eileen Appelbaum, Andrew Park, Rosemary Batt | The American Prospect

Neoliberal Healthcare Fails the COVID Test
Sean Petty | New Politics

Warum die Pandemie eine Renaissance der deutschen Industrie auslöst [German]
Dalia Marin | Der Spiegel

Necropolítica neoliberal e tanatologia jurídico-trabalhista [Portuguese]
Vítor Gurgel et al. | Justificando

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Past pandemics show how coronavirus budgets can drive faster economic recovery
Ilan Noy | The Conversation

Middle East Focus: COVID-19 and Economic Migration [Podcast]
Iulia Joja, Bob Hamilton | Middle East Focus

Viren: Ursprung des Lebens? [German]
Dominik Irtenkauf | Heise

Mercanti di verità: i virologi superstar [Italian]
Roberto Paura | Quaderni d'Altri Tempi

A crise desmente o afro-pessimismo. Entrevista com Felwine Sarr [Portuguese]
Instituto Humanitas Unisinos

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Testing on the move: South Korea's rapid response to the COVID-19 pandemic
David Lee, JaehongLee | Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Brazil’s war on COVID-19: Crisis, not conflict—Doctors, not generals
Matheus Hoffmann Pfrimer, Ricardo Barbosa Jr. | Dialogues in Human Geography

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Air pollution will mean more Covid-19 deaths. The warning is loud and clear for India
Jyoti Pande Lavakare | Scroll

The Pandemic Won’t Save the Climate
David G. Victor | Foreign Affairs

Contaminação por Capital: «Violência contra a terra, violência contra os nossos corpos» [Portuguese]
Pedro Neves Marques | PUNKTO

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Australia is set to abandon its centralised coronavirus app – will the UK be next?
Laurie Clarke | New Statesman

US surveillance company's involvement with NHS is 'crossing a red line', warns civil liberties group
Mohamed Elmaazi | The Canary

New York Is Turning Into a Silicon Valley Science Experiment
Matthew Gault | VICE

Ultra-surveillance et libre arbitre [French]
Serge Thorimbert | Le Temps

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Under lockdown, Germany’s PEGIDA goes to YouTube
Sabine Volk | openDemocracy

The moral cost of herd immunity
Xavier Symons | ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Will ‘Investor-State Arbitration’ Survive the COVID-19 Crisis?
Somesh Dutta | OpinioJuris

García Linera: "Los estados oscilarán entre dos asíntotas: más democratización o más monopolio" [Spanish]
Ramiro Rearte | Página 12

Pandemia expõe “necropolítica à brasileira” e uma certa elite que não vê além do umbigo [Portuguese]
Heloísa Mendonça | El País Brasil

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Fixing the bailout scammers: The Ten Percent Solution
Dean Baker | Real-World Economics Review Blog

Europäische Union: Die Zeitbombe ist der Zerfall Italiens [German]
Thomas Thiel | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Le banche e la pandemia [Italian]
Vincenzo Comito | Sbilanciamoci

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Social Toll

A Dangerous Limbo: Probation and Parole in the Time of COVID-19
Beth Schwartzapfel | The Marshall Project

The COVID-19 Response: what has women, peace and security got to do with it?
Naomi Clugston, Michelle Spearing | LSE Women, Peace and Security

Economic Blow Of The Coronavirus Hits America’s Already Stressed Farmers
Sandy West | Kaiser Health News

Fear, anger, desperation: How Bogotá's residents are coping with COVID-19
Alma Guillermoprieto | National Geographic

COVID-19 and Criminal (In)Justice: The Case to End Mass Incarceration Now
Jeanne Bell | Nonprofit Quarterly

La pandemia non arresta il business delle carceri americane [Italian]
Giuseppe Gallinella | IlFormat

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The irrelevance of NGOs in Tanzania
Khalifa Said | Africa is a Country

China's Changing Role in the Pandemic-Driven World: A Dove's Perspective
Amitai Etzioni | Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

Is Vietnam the coronavirus-fighting champ of the world? [Podcast]
Patrick Winn | WUNC 91.5

Coronavirus: France’s ‘strange defeat’
John Lichfield | Politico Europe

China faces risk of global ‘economic distancing’
Hindustan Times

No mundo pós-coronavírus, não é possível aceitar o abismo brasileiro [Portuguese]
Eliana Sousa Silva | CartaCapital

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Public Health

Mounting promises on Covid-19 vaccines are fueling false expectations
Helen Branswell | STAT

Will the Pandemic Lead to Better Treatment for Drug Users?
Michelle Chen | The Nation

Luca Ricolfi: "La società parassita di massa" [Italian]
Gianni Del Vecchio | HuffingtonPost Italia

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Reimagining the Post-Covid Economy [Podcast]
Dean Baker et al. | The Politics of Everything

Durante E Dopo La Crisi: Per Un Mondo Diverso [Italian]
Forum Disuguaglianze diversità

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Public Sphere

Social Distancing and its Discontents
Matthew Flisfeder | The Philosophical Salon

Sociología (breve) del estado de alarma [Spanish]
Emmanuel Rodríguez | CTXT

Flores d’Arcais: La prevedibile pandemia e il virus liberista [Video - Italian]

O que restará do jazz após a pandemia [Portuguese]
Tomás Togni Tarquínio | Epoca

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Class & Labour

The Pandemic Response Shows How Workers Defend the Interests of All Humanity
Hadrien Clouet | Jacobin

President Trump described meatpackers’ “liability problems.” Here’s what that could mean for workers.
Sam Bloch | The Counter - Tech

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