The Politics of COVID-19, Readings #40

The most important contributions on the political, economic, and social effects of the unfolding crisis.


Thoughts about Public Space During Covid‐19 Pandemic
Setha Low Alan Smart | AnthroSource

Innovation During a Crisis: Evidence from Covid-19
Kevin Bryan et al. | University of Toronto

Fake news in the time of environmental disaster: Preparing framework for COVID-19
Syeda Saadia Azim et al. | SocArXiv

COVID-19 and emergency eLearning: Consequences of the securitization of higher education for post-pandemic pedagogy
Michael P. A. Murphy | Contemporary Security Policy

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Clean air in Europe during lockdown ‘leads to 11,000 fewer deaths’
Jonathan Watts | The Guardian

Don’t Leave America’s Post-Pandemic Energy Policy to Chance
Liam Denning | Bloomberg

Coronavirus Recovery Needs a Green New Deal
Eleanor Salter | Tribune Magazine

"Coronavírus é ultimato para mudarmos a relação com a terra", afirma Leonardo Boff [Portuguese]
Cristiane Sampaio | Brasil de Fato

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Santiago López Petit: Coronavirus as theatre of truth
Julius Gavroche | Autonomies

Disaster capitalism: Coronavirus crisis brings bailouts, tax breaks and lax environmental rules to oilsands
Anna Stanley | The Conversation

Chomsky: COVID-19 Has Exposed the US Under Trump as a “Failed State”
C.J. Polychroniou | Truthout

Déconfinement: la bourse ou la vie? [French]
Simon Blin, Thibaut Sardier | Libération

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Class & Labour

International Labor Solidarity in a Time of Pandemic
Manoj Dias-Abey | Boston Review

Socialists Should Side With Workers — Not the Chinese or American Ruling Class
Eli Friedman | Jacobin

The Future of Labor in Post-Pandemic America
Harold Meyerson et al. | The American Prospect

Give Me Meat and Give Them Death
Kate Aronoff | The New Republic

Häusliches Lernen: Die Ungleichheit wächst [German]
Hanna Dumont | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Fremde Federn: Kurzarbeit, Drogenmärkte, Homeoffice [German]
Dirk Liesemer | Makronom

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The Misinformation Being Used to Pressure Us Into Re-Opening the Economy
Nancy LeTourneau | Washington Monthly

A Dissidência No Império Biopolítico Do Fim [Portuguese]
Luís Carneiro | PUNKTO

Geschichte der Seuchen: „Die Pest war eher ein Gleichmacher“ [German]
Morgane Llanque | Enorm

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Cracks in India’s Constitutional Framework
Karan Gupta | Verfassungsblog

Where Is the Local News About COVID-19?
Jan-Werner Mueller | Project Syndicate

The coronavirus revealed what was already broken in America
Sean Illing | Vox

Zweierlei Leninismus – wie sich unter Corona die Fronten von links und rechts aufweichen und verwirren [German]
Robert Misik | Neue Zürcher Zeitung

O neofascista Bolsonaro diante da pandemia [Portuguese]
Michael Löwy | Blog da Boitempo

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Irrational Expectations
Geoff Mann | Viewpoint Magazine

Cancel the Rent' Could Be Just the Beginning
Kriston Capps | CityLab

Die arabischen Ökonomien und die Corona-Krise: Schutz vor dem perfekten Sturm im Nahen Osten [German]
Bassem Awadallah, Adeel Malik | Qantara

Alternativas económicas frente a la pandemia [Spanish]
Vicenç Navarro | Público

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Konsequenzen der Corona-Krise - Das globale Panikorchester [German]
Michael Bröning | Cicero

Ceruti: «Siamo più fragili, serve più umanità» [Italian]
Marco Roncalli | Avvenire

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How Italy’s ‘Little China’ dodged the coronavirus
Hannah Roberts | Politico Europe

Can Eritrea's government survive the coronavirus?
Abraham T Zere | Al Jazeera

Comparing the US’ and China’s Response to Covid-19
Dilip Hiro | The Nation

Brasilien: Rassismus in der Pandemie [German]
Jessé Souza | Blätter

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Public Health

COVID-19 Immunity Testing
Françoise Baylis, Natalie Kofler | ISSUES in Science and Technology

Covid-19 Vaccine: A Global Call for Equitable Access to Medicines
Pranjal Mishra | LSE Human Rights

Genetic Engineering Could Make a COVID-19 Vaccine in Months Rather Than Years
Charles Schmidt | Scientific American Magazine

The Pandemic Doesn’t Have to Be This Confusing
Ed Yong | The Atlantic

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Public Sphere

Eco-fascism: The Rhetoric of the Virus
Jay Fraser | Non Copyriot

State of Emergency? Bring It On!
Todd McGowan | The Philosophical Salon

Orhan Pamuk über Corona und Pandemien [German]
Süddeutsche Zeitung | Süddeutsche Zeitung

Sul vero e sul falso [Italian]
Giorgio Agamben | Quodlibet

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Social Toll

Fear and solidarity
Paul Fargues | Africa is a Country

Pandemic Borders
Letizia Palumbo | openDemocracy

Survey: More than 30 percent of Americans have witnessed COVID-19 bias against Asians
Alex Ellerbeck | Center for Public Integrity

A maior corrida às armas desde a Guerra Fria [Portuguese]
Daniel Heinrich | Outras Palavras

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Welcome back to the office. This ring will track your location and temperature.
Lauren Hepler | Protocol

Covid-19, Google, and the future of Toronto’s Waterfront
Socialist Project

Spyware Firms Make Beeline for India, Products to Track COVID-19 Patients Raise Privacy Concerns
Joel Schectman | The Wire

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