The Politics of COVID-19, Readings #43

The most important contributions on the political, economic, and social effects of the unfolding crisis.


Can Cities Fix a Post-Pandemic World Order?
Nina Hachigian, Anthony F. Pipa | Foreign Policy

Simone Weil on living in the face of hardship
Anna Rowlands | ABC Religion & Ethics

Models v. Evidence
Jonathan Fuller | Boston Review

Margaret Atwood über die Coronakrise: Wir schweben in der Luft [German]
Margaret Atwood | Der Spiegel

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Covid crisis, climate crisis – same struggle
Nessim Achouche | Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

The All-Consuming White Pandemic Protester
Nick Martin | The New Republic

India's constitution isn't saving it from Narendra Modi's assault on rights
Shruti Kapila | Prospect Magazine

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The future of globalization after the COVID crisis
Dani Rodnik | Princeton School of Economics

Why Are We Still Prioritizing Military Spending?
Mandy Smithberger | The Nation

Southern European and emerging market firms are under severe distress
Erica Bosio, Simeon Djankov | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal

Nobelpreisträger Stiglitz: Coronakrise wird Trump das Amt kosten [German]
Clemens Wolf | Handelsblatt

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Public Health

When COVID-19 Meets Health Inequality
Dennis Kosuth | Jacobin

Lessons from Bastar on how local wisdom can aid modern medicine in the fight against Covid-19
Vishnu Prasad | Scroll

UK coronavirus death toll rises above 32,000 to highest in Europe
Matthew Weaver | The Guardian

Imaginer la fin du Covid-19 [French]
Lydia Denworth | Pour la Science

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Social Toll

Stigma and the Logics of Wartime
Arthur Rose, Luna Dolezal | Society for Cultural Anthropology

Asocial distancing
Daniel Trilling | Eurozine

Time to end the silence – racism in prisons during COVID-19
Raheel Mohammed | Discover Society

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AI Software Gets Mixed Reviews for Tackling Coronavirus
Parmy Olson | The Wall Street Journal

Safety or surveillance: drones and the COVID-19 pandemic [Podcast]
Ryan Calo | Marketplace Tech

The Inventors of Bluetooth Say There Could Be Problems Using Their Tech for Coronavirus Contact Tracing
Sam Biddle | The Intercept

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Public Sphere

How Art Movements Tried to Make Sense of the World in the Wake of the 1918 Flu Pandemic
Anna Kambhampaty | TIME

Thinking Through Covid-19 Responses With Foucault – An Initial Overview
Matthew G. Hannah et al. | Antipode Online

Wissen, um rechtzeitig angemessen zu handeln [German]
Peter Wagner | Soziopolis

Vincent Cheynet: "Il y a quelque chose de la passion mortifère dans la fascination pour l’effondrement" [French]
Kévin Boucaud-Victoire | Marianne

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Climate Action Can Help to Fight Pandemics
Aaron Bernstein | Project Syndicate

Il patrimonio di Chico è allo stremo [Italian]
Angelo Ferracut | il manifesto

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Class & Labour

Impact of the Global Pandemic on Informal Workers [Podcast]
Tania Espinoza | Informal Economy Podast: Social Protection

Les intermittents réclament des aides pour éviter le désastre [French]
Noémie Rousseau | Libération

Por mais lucro, neoliberais atacam sindicatos para desorganizar trabalhadores [Portuguese]
Caroline Oliveira | Controvérsia

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COVID19 and the crisis capitalism creates in normal times [Podcast]
Silvia Federici | Latin Waves Media

COVID-19 Renews the Struggle for Anti-Capitalist Care Models
Mary Jean Hande | Canadian Dimension

En pleine pandémie, le macabre mais florissant business des grands groupes de pompes funèbres [French]
Sophie Chapelle | Basta Mag

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Coronavirus is a failure of global governance – now the world needs a radical transformation
Tom Pegram | The Conversation

Ecuador: Covid stalks the highlands
William F. Waters | Latin America Bureau

The ‘Secret’ of Kerala Experience
Mochish KS | Open Magazine

Marokko und die Corona-Pandemie: Sternstunde des nationalen Zusammenhalts [German]
Mohamed Taifouri | Qantara

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The world after COVID: the good news
Evgenii Dainov | openDemocracy

Souverainisme, libéralisme, ou gauche radicale… Six familles de pensée face au virus [French]
Eugénie Bastié | Le Figaro

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